P1 Motorsport can supply (or supply & install) a wide range of products for your project. From efi products, custom & after market parts such as inlet manifolds, exhaust manifolds, turbos, fuel systems, injectors, Motul perfomance lubricants, - just ask & we will be able to help.


EFI Ancillaries

Full range of quality sensors available including Honeywell 100psi, 150psi & 2000psi pressure sensors, Bosch inlet air temperature sensors & coolant temperature sensors, throttle position sensors, K-type thermocouples (for exhaust gas temp egt), Hall & inductive rotational speed sensors. As well as a wide range of quality injectors, fuel pumps, fuel systems & ignition systems.





Motul Performance Lubricants

P1 Motorsport carries on stock a range of Motul Performance Lubricants to give your compition or performance vehicle the best possible protection.

Motul 100% Synthetic Ester lubricants are well known & proven in top level competition around the world. The P1 RX7 race car has used Motul for all of its lubricants over the year & we are convinced there is no better product. Contact us today to see which product from the range best suits your application.

Motul 300v 4l.1.1



rbf660 usa

RX8 motul