Motec Dash/Data Loggers

There are many reasons why Motec dash/loggers are the smart choice over the “budget” brands. Probably the strongest reason is their powerful I2 data acquisition software - available for free down load at

Other reasons are the functionality & features of the display/logger itself;

  • Smart alarm system. Fully customisable alarms with multiple conditions mean alarms can be set that do not false trip but allow the alarm to activate only when things are genuinely wrong. The “budget” dash/loggers are very limited in this respect making alarms for items such as oil pressure or fuel pressure next to useless.

  • Fully customisable CAN & serial communications to receive the information you need from the ECU. The “budget” display/loggers have limited fixed communication templates that mean items you require from the ECU are not available.

  • Fully customisable flexible Colour display with 3 complete pages each with 20 scrollable bottom lines (up to 3 items on each line). The limitations of “budget” display loggers usually mean compromises have to be made on what is displayed.

  • Built in shift light module – fully customisable shift light, alarm light system and driver alerts (eg brake lock, wheel spin or any other function desired via the user conditions)

  • User conditions, tables & maths functions allow useful customisable functions to be performed.

  • Powerful fuel prediction system.

  • Flexible lap timing, lap time prediction (lap gain/loss) via GPS or Motec lap beacon.

  • Powerful data logging with fast Ethernet download. Large memory, fast logging rates, a huge number of channels that may be logged & flexibility of operation mean the compromises & limitations of “budget” systems are not present.

  • All in one solution – most of the “budget” systems involve a messy array of boxes & cables.

  • Field upgradable options & functions mean the system can expand to meet your needs at any time – unlike “budget” systems where you are stuck with what you have purchased.

  • By the time most “budget” systems include all of their features to attempt to match the “on paper” spec of a Motec C125 (although in reality the non flexibility & limitations mean they are no where near the capability) the dollar price for a Motec is not that much more – the value is massively more.


Motec C125 Dash/Logger

The C125 Dash/logger is the perfect solution for the weekend racer. Offering professional level features at a club level price.



  • 120MB customisable logging, 500 samples/sec, 300 channels may be logged. Fast Ethernet download. The C125 is also available without the logging as a straight display.
  • 5 x switch/speed inputs. Upgrade option adds 6x analogue voltage, 2x temperature inputs & 4x low side switch/PWM outputs.
  • Fully compatible with Motec E888 & E816 input/output expanders.
  • Built in 3 axis G-sensor included.
  • OBD-II compatible for connection to many late model factory ecus.
  • Fully customisable 2x CAN & 2x serial communications for connection to aftermarket engine management, other Motec & third party devices.

The C125 is also available as the C125 Race Logging Kit which is a cost effective solution for the club racer that includes:

  • C125 Display Logger
  • 10 Hz GPS for lap timing, track map generation & other features.
  • Two buttons, pre-wired
  • Professional quality plug-in loom, terminated and labelled, with plug-in power adaptor
  • Ethernet Cable
  • Also available as the C125 Race Display Kit which does not include logging but may be field upgradable at a later date.


Motec C185 Dash/Logger

The C185 Dash/logger offers further functions & power over the C125 & a range of feature options that allow the system to be expanded at any stage to suit growing requirements. In its simplest form it replaces Motecs SDL3 in terms of functionality and may be expanded to match the previous ADL3. However the colour display & new features offer benefits over the previous SDL3 & ADL3.




  • 250MB customisable logging (expandable to 500MB), 1000 samples/sec, 300 channels may be logged. Fast Ethernet download
  • 10 x switch/speed inputs. 10x analogue voltage inputs (expandable to 20), 4x temperature inputs (expandable to 8) & 6x low side switch/PWM outputs.
  • Fully compatible with Motec E888, E816 & VIM/SVIM input/output expanders.
  • Built in 3 axis G-sensor included.
  • OBD-II compatible for connection to many late model factory ecus.
  • Fully customisable 4x CAN & 2xserial communications for connection to aftermarket engine management, other Motec & third party devices.
  • Maths functions allow extra functionality (in addition to user conditions & tables)
  • Telemetry option

For further information on the Motec dash/logger range (also including the D153 & D175 displays and ACL) please visit


Motec CDL3 Dash Logger

CDL3 new price flyer

Motec have just done a large price reduction for the entry level CDL3 dash logger. There is no comparison in the features & functionality the CDL3 offers verses other dash/loggers in this entry level price bracket. These include fast Ethernet download as opposed the to slow serial, Motecs powerful I2 data analysis software, proper useable configurable alarms & user conditions, customisable/flexible CAN configuration for communication with other devices such as engine ecus, 12 fully configurable inputs/outputs & accommodates 300 channels, Customizable screen layouts, Motec professional level quality plus much more....


 Motec Power Distribution Units (PDM)

The Motec range of Power Distribution Modules (PDM) offer an all in one solution for power supply and control for the competition or performance vehicle - doing away with the need for relays, fuses/circuit breakers. Being a microprocessor controlled unit also means that complex functions are also easily implemented as well as the list of other benefits listed below.motec-pdm15-2100

Output of operating information to a Motec Logger/Dash to be logged

All inputs along with output states, currents & voltages would able to be logged which allows the following;

  • Quick diagnostics of any problems that arise.
  • Monitoring fuel pump currents to spot blocking fuel pump pickups/filters before they cause problems.
  • Monitoring of currents/voltages for other critical components such as gearshift compressor, ignition power supply & efi before they cause problems.

Ability to send inputs & control functions directly to and from PDM via CAN which help allow………..

Greater flexibility for smarter control functions
Virtually any control function that can be imagined may be implemented including;

  • Auto start function - one press of start button allows engine to crank until started. Press start button while engine is running allows engine to stop while keeping rest of system powered up.
  • Stall auto start function - if car is stalled on race start the clutch & throttle may be fully pushed in together to initiate fast restart and take off.
  • Auto switching of any reserve fuel pump system.
  • Any convenience function desired may be implemented such as press both display page up and down buttons together to manually operate fuel pumps to pump fuel out at the end of a race.
  • Rain lights automatically turn on when wipers are activated.
  • One push momentary switch wiper operation with auto park function.
  • Inhibit start function if in gear unless clutch is active.
  • Deactivate non required items during cranking to allow maximum cranking speed.
  • Deactivate non critical items if supply voltage is falling.
  • Ability to receive & transmit information via CAN allows the flexibility to add any other smart control function in the future.


Automatic Retry functions

With a conventional fuse or circuit breaker system if the fuse is blown it will have to be physically replaced or reset to allow the circuit to function again. With the PDM each output may be independently set for an automatic retry/reset if its overload protection is tripped. Each output may be
independently set to try a certain number of times before it is abandoned. There is also a manual driver master reset switch facility.


Motec Engine Management

Motec has established a reputation world wide as a top class manufacture of engine management & data acquisition products of leading quality, reliability, flexibility and power. Perhaps one of the most attractive features of Motecs products is their powerful I2 data acquisition software - available for free down load at


Why is Motec more expensive than other brands? Other brands may appear to offer many similar features as Motec products, however in Motecs case the functions are more comprehensive and advanced. The other important aspect is that Motecs size, experience & involvement with professional motorsport teams means that the hardware & functions are thoroughly developed & tested and importantly the software/firmware is thoroughly developed/tested and stable & bug free in its operation. 


Motec M800/M600/M400



The Mx00 series represent leading control and flexibility. The following table compares the hardware specifications for the M400, M600 & M800;



Further information on the Motec Mx00 range may be found at