Dyno Tuning Services



With our in house Dynapack 4WD/2WD hub dyno in Ashburton & Palmerston North we provide dyno tuning services for the following engine management systems;

  • Life Racing
  • Motec
  • Adpaptronic
  • Haltech
  • Apexi Power FC
  • Autronic
  • Link G4+, G4

Our full understanding of all of these ecu’s means we can configure & tune them to the fullest of their capabilities & your requirements.

Using contemporary tuning techniques with Plex knock detection & wideband mixture measurement we cater for and have extensive experience with a wide range of motorsport applications and a wide range of engine configurations.

 Advanced tuning techniques are available such as

  • Direct Injection GDI
  • individual cylinder tuning using multiple Wideband Lambdas &/or exhaust pyros
  • Multi-dimensional tuning for individual throttle boosted engines
  • E-wire Drive by wire and the strategies this allows
  • Multiple Variable cam
  • Closed loop knock configuration & tuning.
  • Closed loop mixture control
  • Advanced closed loop boost strategies
  • Advanced custom CAN comunications setup to & from your dash/logger.

In the field/trackside tuning is also available for;

  • Gear shift control
  • Traction control
  • Launch control
  • Antilag
  • Diff control

 Engine Dyno & Jet boat engine Tuning Facilities

 Our engine dyno facilities cater for engine development work along with jet boat engine tuning. Many modern engines used in jet boats today incorperate advanced features such as continuously variable valve timing & turbo charging which simply can not be optimised by tuning the boat on the water. The only way to optimise & fully tune these features (& in fact ignition timing for that mater) is to ustilise a dyno where gains & losses at each operating point can be measured.

Our engine dyno's frame is made to suit the common jet boat mounting bearer widths & utilises the comon Spicer drive shaft which means that what ever engine fits in a boat it will fit in our engine dyno - eg Nissan VQ35, LS V8, Toyota Lexus 1UZ etc. We also have drive couplings taylor made to suit Mazda rotary engines (13B, 20B, 26B) which we have used for development work with customer engines.

Jet boat engine dyno tune Engine dyno b




 ECU-Shop Common Rail Diesel Tuning

 P1 Motorsport is the Mid Canterbury region autherised dealer for the ECU-Shop range of tuning products which provide a range of products from throttle enhancement, dyno tuning power upgrades to intercooler & turbo kits to significantly enhance the performance of your common rail diesele vehicle.

 The tuning module product range is represented by four tuning stages from the Boost Speed Next V2 throttle response unit, Cube Smart series, with fuel pressure & boost tuning, the Junior series with injector duration tuning, to the full Ultra Boost with injector duration, fuel pressure & boost tuning.

For tuning stages 2,3 & 4 we offer the complete tuning package of supplying & installing the unit along with tuning the unit to suit your individual vehicle on our Dynapack chassis dyno with before & after print outs of the power & torque gained.

To further enhance your diesel vehicle we also supply & install intercooler upgrade kits & turbo upgrades which the ECU-Shop tuning units can be tuned to suit.


ECU-Shop have been the common rail diesel tuning game since 2005 with more than 100 000 customers enjoying the benefits of their products. Their products are used with 7 second world record setting drag 4 cylinder diesels.

ECUshop small

Performance upgrade solutions for;
Ford Ranger 2007 on
Holden Colorado 2004 on
Izuzu D-Max 2005 on
Izuzu Mu 2007 on
Nissan Navara 2007 on
Misti Triton 2005 on
Mitsi Pajero 2008 on
Toyota Hilux 2004 on
Toyota Hiace 2005 on
Toyota Prado 2011 on
Land Cruiser 2011 on
Mazda Bounty 2007 on
Mazda BT50 2012 on


For info on the full product range see;



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